Our Family Taking Care Of Your Family

Our Family Taking Care Of Yours – No Matter How You Define Family

We get it. Life is messy. We all face a myriad of joys and challenges. At Kristof & Kristof, Attorneys at Law, we believe that all of this should be a part of the law; it should reflect your life.

Denise Kristof, our founding partner, is a member of the “Sandwich Generation” – she understands how to care for an elderly parent, plan for retirement and help the younger generations throughout the world. Our founding partner brings an unusual level of empathy to the practice of law. Her vast experience in the business world includes being in charge of annualized budgets running in the millions of dollars. Attorney M. Denise Kristof earned a dual Master of Science and Master in Business Administration before earning her Juris Doctorate in law. Denise also earned a Master of Laws (LLM) in estate planning and elder law.

Kent Kristof is a well-regarded litigator who focuses on trust and estate litigation, as well as elder abuse litigation and conservatorships. His work includes both representing clients during complex and contentious estate disputes and providing a strong grounding to the firm’s estate planning practice. Before practicing law, Kent Kristof founded a “dot com” business and earned his Master of Arts degree in history. Kent also holds an LLM in estate planning and elder law. He is currently a doctoral candidate (J.S.D.) focused on probate in Los Angeles County.

Both partners at our firm have significant experience outside of the law and apply their life lessons to the practice of law. Kristof & Kristof, Attorneys at Law, offers legal assistance tempered and strengthened with life experience.

Legal Experience To Help You And Yours

Both of the partners of Kristof & Kristof, Attorneys at Law, have devoted themselves to understanding the plethora of issues that arise in the probate court arena. Their practice centers on helping people through this specific system. M. Denise Kristof has been repeatedly invited to speak on these issues and has presented at such varied locations as senior centers and the conference rooms of skyscrapers. Kent L. Kristof has been called upon to represent clients on probate court issues in civil courtrooms, judgment-creditor departments and assorted probate courts. Both attorneys are members of the court-appointed counsel panel – a select group of attorneys called upon by the courts to assist proposed conservatees.

From San Diego to Marin, our attorneys at Kristof & Kristof, Attorneys at Law, have earned positive outcomes for their clients.

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