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Plan For The Future And Navigate Estate Administration Confidently

Kristof & Kristof, Attorneys at Law, is a valuable source of reassurance as you put your affairs in order or wrap up the affairs of a family member who has passed away. Our California lawyers offer a full array of estate administration and estate planning services, including:

  • The creation or revision of a will
  • The establishment, management, and administration of one or more trusts
  • The drafting of powers of attorney, advance health care directives, and other legal tools designed to save time and trouble
  • The establishment of conservatorships and guardianships for adults and children
  • Guidance through the probate and trust administration processes
  • Representation in will contests, trust litigation, and other forms of estate litigation

Our extensive experience and our commitment to our clients’ needs are reasons to consider our firm as you look for clear direction and timely resolution of important challenges.

Estate Planning

A will, one or more trusts, an advance health care directive, and appropriate powers of attorney can be worth their weight in gold (or more). None of us knows how life will unfold, but estate planning tools can be created to accommodate any contingency. Married couples often choose to create complementary wills and trusts that will greatly help the surviving spouse when the time comes to implement them. A thoughtful adult has a plan in place for their estate and for their legal and medical care in the case of an emergency.

Probate And Estate Administration

Very few people truly account for their full estate in their estate plan. Even those who have a will or trust in place often fail to account for every asset. Whatever assets are not incorporated into a will or estate need to go through the probate process. Because probate can be complex, time consuming, and expensive, executors and trust administrators should not attempt to navigate probate alone. Instead, you can depend on our firm to streamline the steps of settling loved ones’ estates for our clients. You can depend upon our attention to detail and our respect of decedents’ wishes.

In case disputes arise, we are ready to help you avoid litigation or meet the challenge cost-effectively.

Let Us Help You Devise Appropriate Solutions

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