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Protection From Elder Abuse

Unfortunately, senior citizens are often targeted by unscrupulous people. The incidence of physical, financial and emotional abuse is on the rise.

Prevention Of Elder Abuse

There are a number of steps senior citizens and their loved ones can take to prevent elder abuse. Such steps range from ensuring sufficient nutrition and hydration, to encouraging socialization, to planning for the prevention of legal or financial abuse.

Frequently, the best way to prevent abuse is for senior citizens to exercise as much control as they can, for as long as they can, to protect themselves. With that control, senior citizens can create a support system of trusted agents, doctors, trustees and other protectors. Our team at Kristof & Kristof, Attorneys at Law, has extensive experience in implementing plans to protect senior citizens.

Stopping Elder Abuse

Our attorneys at Kristof & Kristof, Attorneys at Law, have prosecuted cases involving serious elder abuse – including allegations of kidnapping, forgery, undue influence, theft and fraud.

To effectively stop elder abuse requires not only strength, knowledge and assertiveness against the abuser, but also compassion for the abused. Kristof & Kristof, Attorneys at Law demonstrates the right blend of these values.

Get Swift, Supportive Legal Guidance

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